Hendrik Meurkens Samba Jazz Quartet

Hendrik Meurkens, Harmonica, Vibes

Misha Tsiganov, Piano

Gustavo Amarante, Bass

Adriano Santos, Drums

From tranquil Bossa Nova treatments to burning New York Samba Jazz versions by the way of inspired Chorinhos and in-the-pocket Sambafunk, The Hendrik Meurkens Samba Jazz Quartet explores the wide terrain of Brazilian Jazz. The unique sound of the band is defined by Hendrik Meurkens’ trademark sound of Jazz harmonica and vibes plus the immensely swinging rhythm section of Misha Tsiganov, Gustavo Amarante and Adriano Santos.

The group explores the Great Brazilian Songbook from a Jazz point of view and features compositions by Hendrik Meurkens, many of which are documented on his numerous CDs. The band has recorded 12 CDs, five of them for the prestigious Concord Label. Hendrik’s latest release, SAMBA TO GO!, is the culmination of his lifelong love of Brazilian music.

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Prague in March 

October Colors 

Meu Canario Vizinho Azul 

Someday My Prince Will Come 


Hendrik Meurkens- Wolfgang Köhler Duo

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Choro Project

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Chorinho No. 1 


Chorinho No. 2 

Menina na Janela 

Lingua de Mosquito 

The Peach 

Mimosa (Live Version) 


Lead Sheet Lingua de Mosquito

Lingua de Mosquito


Lead Sheet Menina na Janela

Menina na Janela


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