With Mundell Lowe – Acoustic Music, 1999

1. Star Eyes

2. Maya

3. I’m Getting Sentimental Over You

4. Slidin’ (Meurkens) 

5. Afternoon (Meurkens) 

6. Like Someone In Love 

7. The Team

8. Lady Be Good

9. Bolero Para Paquito (Meurkens)

10. When Lights Are Low 

Mundell Lowe – guitar

Hendrik Meurkens – harmonica

Chris Berger – bass

Mark Taylor – drums

Hendrik’s Notes

In the late nineties I did a series of tours and recordings with several of the great mainstream Jazz guitar players, all of whom were at one point part of the Great Guitars. First with Charlie Byrd, then with Herb Ellis and here, with Mundell Lowe.

Mundell has spent many years as a successful composer for TV and film. But, before he moved to LA to pursue his writing career, he established himself as one of the great guitar players of his day.

He’s a wonderful accompanist, which makes sense for someone with an interest in writing. He has a nice, warm sound and his voicings sound very full and complete. Must be his symphonic thinking.

It was a beautiful experience to be able to play some of my originals with a legend like Mundell. His voicings and his approach shed new light on my tunes and it is interesting to watch one’s compostions take on a new face in the hands of a master.

I’ve recorded Slidin’ and Bolero Para Paquito, several times and they sound just a little different here. I especially like the way my ballad Afternoon sounds here. Thanks, Mundell.

Chris Berger is back for our second CD together, after BURNIN’ and a few months before we recorded NEW YORK NIGHTS together with Jimmy Cobb.

The drummer here, Mark Taylor, now plays with Monty Alexander. He is from England and more proof that there is nothing wrong with European musicians.

Star Eyes has been a favorite of mine ever since I heard Bird play it. That goes for a lot of other tunes. Whatever Bird touched became magic.

We are playing Benny Carter’s When Lights Are Low, with the original bridge. I wonder how Benny Carter felt after Miles released his very popular version of this song with the wrong bridge. But then again Miles would be absolutely welcome to put out a tune of mine using a wrong bridge. No problem at all!

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