Evidence, 1997

Evidence ECD 22214-2 / Recorded June 6&7, 1997

1. Afternoon (Meurkens)
2. Sophisticated Lady 
3. Secret Love 
4. Quiet Moments (Meurkens)
5. Strollin’

6. A Time For Love 
7. A Beautiful Friendship 
8. My One And Only Love

Hendrik Meurkens – harmonica
Renato Chicco – piano

Hendrik’s Notes

This is a duo date with Renato Chicco. Renato hails from Italy and we met in New York. He has great taste and is a perfect match for this quiet encounter.

I feel that the harmonica’s beauty comes out best in small and sensitive settings. Of course one can play hard-hitting stuff on the instrument and when I play with Jimmy Cobb, I have to put in some power. That would be one side of the harmonica and I love that, too.

But then there is the beautiful, poetic, melancholy, sentimental you-name-it side of the instrument. QUIET MOMENTS is about that side of the specturm. We play six standards and two originals and quite honestly, I feel there is a certain magic about this recording. It has, in abundance, the melancholic element that was one of the main reasons why I picked up the instrument.

When we go into the recording studio, we strive for excellence but never really know what will result. This CD definitely is one of my favorites.

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