Jawo Records, 2010

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Track Listing:

01 A Night in Jakarta (Meurkens)

02 A Ilha (Meurkens)

03 Choronto (Meurkens)

04 They Can’t Take That Away From Me

05 September Choro (Meurkens)

06 The Winter Sea (Meurkens)

07 Bolero Para Paquito (Meurkens)

08 Choro No. 8 (Meurkens)

09 Prague In March (Meurkens)

10 Here’s That Rainy Day

Produced by Hendrik Meurkens.

Hendrik Meurkens (Harmonica / Vibes)

Misha Tsiganov (Piano)

Gustavo Amarante (Bass)

Adriano Santos (Drums)

Hendrik Meurkens plays a Musser M55 Vibraphone. Hendrik’s harmonicas maintained by Michael Easton.

Adriano Santos plays Odery Drums, Istanbul Agop Cymbals and Vic Firth Sticks


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A Night In Jakarta - Hendrik Meurkens Quartet